“With the recent focus on the COP26 negotiations and the role of Governments in addressing the climate and biodiversity crises, it is easy to forget that we all need play our part. It is encouraging that this research found that most UK consumers believe they can make a positive difference to the environment through the actions they take as individuals and that, despite the increased cost of living, many are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly goods and services. It is, of course, important that consumers can identify such products. Our own research found that 73% of those questions recognise the FSC logo and 71% were aware that buying FSC-certified products is good way to ensure the protection of forests and preserve wildlife and we hope that companies such as Essity will continue to label and promote their FSC-certified products.”

Rosie Teasdale
Executive Director, FSC UK

“The Green Response Report 2021 is full of positivity for the future and highlights how important environmental and personal health are to citizens following the Covid-19 crisis. It is fantastic that 61% of UK adults are optimistic about the actions they take as individuals, this shows the growing public willingness to change in ways that have a more positive impact on the environment. The steps that individuals take are so important, but we also need change happening at the top too, and that includes industry. Manufacturers have a responsibility to be leading the way when it comes to making the right choices by people and the planet. When bold and big steps are taken by industry it makes it easier for the public to be more sustainable, because at the end of the day, if eco-friendly options aren’t accessible, how are people going to switch to them?”

Ella Daish
Environmental Activist

“The report shows a very encouraging outlook for behaviour change among individuals. The lockdowns removed a lot of ‘noise’ from our daily lives, which has allowed individuals to take more notice of the impacts of their actions on the environment and devote more time to making positive changes. In order for this optimism and willingness to continue, it is our role as key players in the supply chain to remove the confusion from sustainable decision-making ready for when the ‘noise’ of normal life returns. It is in our gift to empower individuals in making the right choices for the planet.”

Anna McArdle
Sustainability Manager, Bunzl