We've teamed up with eco activist Ella Daish to bring you tips on the best way to live an eco-friendly lifestyle without breaking the bank!

Ella Daish is a UK-based environmental activist believing collective action must be taken on all levels, including industry, and government to bring about meaningful change. She is passionate about holding brands accountable for their environmentally-damaging practices, engaging with councils and governments to implement legislation and bring about change, and encouraging individuals to rise up for the causes they care about.

She was awarded the Climate Coalitions Green Heart Hero 2020 Award for Individual Inspiration, included on The Big Issue’s Top 100 Changemakers of 2020, and BBC Woman’s Hour Power List, for her activism and campaigning efforts.

Ella's tips...

Tip #1Switch to an ethical bank

Change from a bank that puts money into funding fossil fuels to a green one!

Tip #2Unsubscribe to cut your emissions

We all get junk mail, it’s a nuisance, but unsubscribing is beneficial to us, and to the planet because of the energy used to send each email. The average spam email causes emissions equivalent to 0.3 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per message. Tackle your inbox and help the planet by unsubscribing from junk mail.

Tip #3Buy second-hand clothes

To help out the planet and look great while doing it, why not buy second-hand? Doing so helps reduce the amount of raw materials needed to produce brand new clothes.

Tip #4Switch to loose leaf tea

Did you know the majority of tea bags contain plastic? Reduce your impact on the environment by switching to loose leaf tea.

Tip #5Reduce meat & fish consumption

Meat production is a large contributor to global greenhouse gases. Even switching to one meat-free day a week can make a positive difference.

Tip #6Reuse what you have

Reusing glass sauce jars as plant pots or refilling with zero waste shopping like pasta and lentils is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment.

Tip #7Switch to plastic free-gum

A lot of chewing gum actually contains plastic, which not a lot of people consider when chewing on their favourites. Switch to plastic-free gum to reduce your plastic use.