“Looking through the results of this research, the messages we hear from consumers are of engagement and optimism – despite increases in the cost of living. Many have taken time during the pandemic to learn more about sustainability issues and are now trying to live in a more environmentally friendly way.”

Kevin Starr
Country Manager, UK and ROI

Consumers have shown they are willing to commit more time to activities beneficial for the environment and that they are willing to pay a price premium for sustainable alternatives. They have told us that the pandemic has helped to make health and hygiene a more important priority for them and that the premium they are willing to pay for health and hygiene products is higher than for other goods and services.

But with recent increases in the cost of living, which seems certain to continue to rise further during 2022, consumers have also made it clear that they cannot guarantee their good intentions will be translated into tangible action at present, because they may not be able to afford to increase their spending to benefit the environment. Even so, a majority are still willing to try to find ways to live more sustainably.

The focus for manufacturers must be on developing sustainable products and solutions that do not come at a premium cost, to help consumers follow through on their good intentions to live more sustainably. Essity will continue to listen to consumers and to innovate to try to help everyone to follow more environmentally sustainable lifestyles. We look forward to working with our customers, our employees, partners and others to keep working towards a more sustainable future.